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Henkel Technologies has a partnership with Forming Solutions (UK) Limited as a customer focused distributor
for the powerful new range of Henkel Multan water miscible products and additional items such as
cleaners and other niche products into the Manufacturing Sector.

The Henkel Multan range contains a broad product base to suit 90% of all metal-working requirements
with the advantage of being suitable for all water hardness’s. Examples are:-

Multan 21-60 :-

A boron- and amine-free mineral oil based water-miscible coolant suitable for a wide range of operations in
moderate to hard water hardness areas, designed for the machining of Aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals,
steel and cast iron. A combination of inhibitors insures no staining on Aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals.
Free of EP-additives based on Chlorine, Sulphur or Phosphorus. It contains proven polar compounds.

Multan 46-81 :-

A fully synthetic water soluble coolant without EP properties for grinding of cast iron and steel.
Suitable for operations such as disc-, cylinder- and roll-grinding, circular- and flat grinding of a broad range
of materials: cast iron, steel, high alloy steel and non-ferrous metals.

Multan 71-10SK :-

A water-miscible cutting fluid with a patented emulsifier system suitable for general purpose machining and
grinding of cast iron, steel and machining of aluminum alloys.
Suitable for a broad range of machining operations: drilling, turning, sawing, milling, threading, grinding, including
centreless grinding of a broad range of materials such as steel, high alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals,
including brass and aluminum alloys.

Multan 60-2 :-

A neutral pH, boron and mineral oil free coolant for a wide range of operations. The pH is within the neutral
range. To meet the requirements of severe forming and cutting operations the formulation of Multan® 60 - 2
contains AW-additives. This package guarantees good lubricity, even when used at very low concentration,
combined with excellent corrosion control, and easy waste water treatment. Water hardness: 0 - 60 °GH.
Mainly used for general cutting operations on steel and cast iron. The suitability for Aluminium alloys should
be checked first in an individual field test. Multan® 60-2 is inhibited against attack of micro-organisms.

Henkel P3 - Upon® 5800 :-

A liquid spray cleaner for degreasing of steel and plastic parts after cutting, stamping, pressing or cold forming
of cast iron, steel parts and plastic. Used in the removal of heavily soiled and greasy contaminations as well as
pigmented, fatty acid containing drawing compounds. Due to its high polymer phosphate content it can also be
used in hard water, without the risk of detrimental precipitations. The solution drying on the surface of the steel
parts has rust preventing properties during a short storage time.

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